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Day 180 - Richard Chassler

Richard Chassler is an actor, comedian, and writer who’s worked with the best of’em and has stories for days as his career and talent has allowed him to traverse through almost every facet of show business. We talk about his passion for stand-up, his beg...

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Day 170 - A Mic, A Light And A Place To Stand with Robert Klein

An evening with Robert Klein wrapped in Dystopian foil and served to you via the internet is just what the comedy doctor ordered! Getting to digitally sit down with a legend is always a blast but with Robert it became illuminating in a way I had not expe...

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Day 165 - Melanie Chartoff

Melanie Chartoff first became famous for her comedy work on the ABC series Fridays, and in the 1990s Fox sitcom Parker Lewis Can't Lose. She voiced both Didi Pickles and Grandma Minka, Didi's mother on the Nickelodeon animated series Rugrats and All Grow...

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Day 159 - Shelley Fabares

Film and television legend Shelley Fabares joins us on Dystopia Tonight for a joyful conversation about life in show business, how she got started, the choice her mother gave her and her sister about acting, being shy as a child, the memories of her time...

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Day 157 - Wil Wheaton - Nerd Riot!

Wil Wheaton is one of the most genuine human beings I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with. Incredibly thoughtful, funny, introspective and kind we take a deep dive into his life as a childhood actor, what lead him to his new book, “Still Just A Geek” tw...


Day 146 - Michael Christopher

Michael Christopher is a voice actor and musician who joins us to talk about his career, a reset during Covid, his passion for music and voice acting, and one of our favorite topics - the supernatural! Enjoy!

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Day 144 - Billy West ”A More Successful Cat”

It was an honor hosting Billy West on Dystopia Tonight. So much of what he’s done has not only been apart of my childhood but all of our childhoods and to get to spend some time with the man behind the characters was a true joy. We talked the return of F...

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Day 143 - Gary Kroeger

Gary Kroeger came out of the gate running in this episode of Dystopia Tonight and we loved every minute of it! We talk progressive politics, democrats, republicans, and the rest of us caught in between, covid, his days on SNL, his passions growing up, wh...

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Day 138 - Dave Thomas

Legendary Comedian, Actor, Writer and Author Dave Thomas joins us on Dystopia Tonight as we discuss the state of comedy today, our favorite talk show hosts, his time with SCTV, The New Show with Lorne Michaels, picking a fight with Johnny Carson over Bob...


Day 135 - Dining Out with Austin Pendleton

Great talk with the legendary Austin Pendleton! Actor, playwright, theatre director, and instructor, who currently due to the pandemic still teaches his courses over zoom joins Dystopia Tonight to chat about his long and varied career in show business. W...

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Day 111 - Dustin Chafin

Dustin Chafin and I are not sure where we met but we know it was probably someplace shitty and that’s all that matters. We talk about his patch into comedy, paving his way through NY by running sought after comedy shows early in his career, his move to L...

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Day 102 - Tommy Taylor Jr.

Amazing comic and great friend of the show, Tommy Taylor Jr. joins us hot off the heels of his standing ovation worthy Dry Bar Comedy special out of Utah! Hailing from DC and crushing it in commercials, dating shows, HBO and his own long running live mon...

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Day 101 - Jane Morris & Jeff Michalski

Getting either Jane or Jeff on individually would have been incredible (and will eventually have to be done) but to get them both on at the same time was an unbelievable treat and a fascinating trip through their history in comedy/improv and the acting w...

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Day 96 - Jonathan Stark

Incredible time talking to Jonathan Stark on Dystopia Tonight! Had the pleasure of seeing him perform improv at the Fanatic Salon when I first moved out to LA and was in awe then. We talk about his beginnings as an actor, and his trajectory from improv t...

Comedy Actor

Day 95 - Jeff Altman

Jeff Altman was a genuine blast to have on the show! We talk about his friendship with Letterman, appearing on Late Night a combined 45 times, his numerous acting roles in movies and television such as Dr. Gene Splicer in Tiny Toon Adventures, Professor ...