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The Return of Bill Persky

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this interview with Bill Persky. I'm a fan of The Dick Van Dyke Show. I still marvel at the writing. How can the same lines be so funny after hearing them so many times? And learning the origin of, "That's My Boy?" episode was great. Hearing about audience reactions to it was very cool. 👏👏👏 Thank you for having Bill on your show and showing some video of it too. 😍🤩❤️

The real deal

Your Interview with Sue Kolinsky was great, it's so refreshing to here someone speak honestly about there experience with a celebrity like Ellen , who feigns to be everybody's pal.

Doubling Down on Steven Page

OMG I LOVE HIM! I straight up ugly cried when he reunited with Barenaked Ladies for their induction into the Juno Awards Hall of Fame a few years back.


I watched the whole thing. Loved it. Laughed out loud. What is that movie with the frog men and the chastity belts?

Well played…

Ok, Leland Sklar and William Goldstien, same day. Two people I have never heard of, and now will never forget. well played Dystopia.

LOVE Dystopia Tonight!

John and Tom are hilarious! They bring in such awesome guests; I end up a fan of anyone and everyone they have on. And I love that fans can participate and ask questions! It’s so fun to watch and be a part of.

Tom Dreesen Ep

This is a fantastic and fascinating interview! Love to listen to Tom's stories.🥰

Dystopia Love

Ever since James Inman was on been digging this podcast when I get a free chance. Marshall Crenshaw’s answers to the questions delivered are remarkable.

Algorithm Blues

Enjoyed this interview so much! It was fun and learned some new SC things. Great questions and, of course, the best guest possible ✨❤️ Thank you!! (Had to search for new SC interviews to find this though... YT algorithm must be broken.)

Scott Hessel!

What a great interview! Some thoughts… -disappointed no “Rumble Fish” score mention during Stewart Copeland part 😞 -Hess needs a haircut for LSOE lol. -think it might’ve been Kooze that played at Jenks in Point Pleasant, NJ -speaking of NJ had no clue Hess has a “Garden State” connection 😎 . -still amused at what he said about Robin & Snoop Dogg lol.

Shelley Fabares

I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with this exquisite lady, proving that class is permanent. Being from the UK I'm not overly familiar with her US TV work but I adore her roles in the 3 Elvis films, especially Girl Happy. I also recently purchased her album, Things We Did Last Summer on vinyl. Can I ask if she has an office or address I can write to for an autograph? I've collected several Elvis co star autographs but truly consider her the Queen of the Elvis films. Thanks again, Mike 🇬🇧

Shelley Fabares

Fantastic interview! Legend!

Shelley Fabares interview

Fabulous. I love this woman so much. The program was very intimate and heartwarming from the moment Shelley first spoke. Kudos to everyone. She just warms my heart.

Wil Wheaton interview

That was powerful. Thanks, John. You continue to bring us unforgettable stories from amazing people.

Good Time Charlie

O'Keefe's as interesting and wide-ranging personally as his songs, which are wonderful. Great interview!

Plane ride to Limerick

I especially love the part where the band gets off the plane near Limerick, thinking "Ah, finally back to normal. We can sit back and try to absorb everything that happened." But No-o-o-o, the news crews wouldn't allow that. From that point, their lives were irrevocably almost magically changed. And unfortunately, it took its toll on our beloved Dolores. Thanks for bringing Noel in for the interview, J.P.

Wheaton interview

That Wheaton interview is just next level amazing.

Wil Wheaton

The Twitch stream was great. Genuine, honest and insightful. It flew by too!

Wil Wheaton/Stand By Me

Great convo. Love all the talk about feelings ... a new generation of not allowing our emotions to be invalidated, owning our own experiences. Powerful stuff! Stand By Me will always be one of my all-time favorite films ❤️ still do "skin it" to this day ! ✋🏻

Noel Hogan ep

After watching this I feel like I know Noel as a person as well as a member of the ‘berries, a great band to be sure.

Glen Phillips episode

I like the three questions at the end, and look forward to the art work portrayal compilation on your website 😍. Yeah, 'Last Summer on Earth' tour'; been called that for numerous years though, 😄. A thought provoking conversation, thank you❣️

Astronaut Chris Hadfield

These dystopian bastards are killing it. Every show brings quality guests and great conversations.

Al Pitrelli interview

Thank you so very kindly for sharing this, it was just fantastic and it brought me a lot of laughs. Thank you so much again.

Dale Bozzio

Fun stories! Zappa the matchmaker and band molder. Had an uncanny sense of people and possibility.

Ricky Byrd!

I heard Ricky Byrd being interviewed on John Poveromo’s show Recently and two things he has a great story And his music is really good catchy American rock 'n' roll So I bought a couple of his CD's and they're fantastic Buy them, See him live It's so cool to find a musical artist that you can't wait to collect all their music

Dave Thomas!

That was fun - thanks, guys! A good time had by all. 😄

Dave Thomas Ep

Awesome listen, fun time, and I really appreciated him answering all of my questions! That’s my Dave! Thank you all!

Brian Fallon Ep!

Really enjoyed watching. I see it more more Brian really is one of us. Afraid of flying during the pandemic, confesses he's disturbed about horror movies and loves the movie The 'Burbs. How do you not love him as a person and a exceptional songwriter!

The Wanderer

Finished watching this Dion episode of Dystopia! As always, a must watch interview , One of the best and interesting views. Fun and amazing trip with Dion. 🎶🎶❤️

Great interviews and host!

Dystopia Tonight, with Jeremy Clyde, was my favorite so far. How you got him to relate about meeting Ray Bradbury was so well done. I’m an American living/teaching in The Netherlands so it’s a treat when (because of the time difference) I’m able to watch you live. Thank you for an outstanding program. You remind me a lot of Johnny Carson. I hope you consider that a compliment, because the man had one of the fastest wits I’ve ever heard in my life. I also like the fact that you intersperse questions with a personal story now and then instead of just hammering away at the person compelling them to talk. I also have listened to some more of your other shows including the one with Jody Duncan. I am not a SUPER fan of any of the movies she has written about (maybe Dark Knight) and didn't even know there were such books, but ... enjoyed her "behind the scenes" revelations about this aspect of the FILM PACKAGE I was so unaware of. - Just as you did with the Jeremy Clyde interview (and others) you have this uncanny ability to get the people to reveal hitherto unknown stories that shed light on not only their career, but in a very real sense the HISTORY of the arts.