Official Home Of Dystopia Tonight with John Poveromo


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I’ve really been enjoying this new podcast. John’s got a way with his guests that allow them to really feel comfortable enough to open up to him, cut loose and have fun.

Great guest and Fun hosts

Great job getting the best out of so many incredible entertainers!

Better and better!

The Peter Asher episode! Such a great interview. I love that guy. Also the Lewis Black interview was great too! These podcasts are getting better and better and better.

Love the conversations

Love the hosts and guest, it’s like hanging out listening to friends catch up. Marla Hooch was amazing and I can listen to it over and over!


Such an interesting what I say after listening to each episode. The episode with John Romita Jr was fascinating. I don’t read comics or watch superhero movies but this conversation makes me want to buy some comics to better appreciate the artists in this world. Great job!

Fun and interesting!

Came for John’s comedy, stayed for his guests and conversations. Can’t wait for the next podcast.


This podcast is rad. I loved the Joe Travers episode and all of the Zappa stories. Cool format that doesn’t feel like a traditional interview, and the host is good at getting the guests talking about more than the usual sound bites.

My favorite podcast!!

John really knows how to get the best stories out of his guests!!