Dystopia Tonight With John Poveromo

Great interviews and host!

Dystopia Tonight, with Jeremy Clyde, was my favorite so far. How you got him to relate about meeting Ray Bradbury was so well done.

I’m an American living/teaching in The Netherlands so it’s a treat when (because of the time difference) I’m able to watch you live. Thank you for an outstanding program.

You remind me a lot of Johnny Carson. I hope you consider that a compliment, because the man had one of the fastest wits I’ve ever heard in my life. I also like the fact that you intersperse questions with a personal story now and then instead of just hammering away at the person compelling them to talk.

I also have listened to some more of your other shows including the one with Jody Duncan. I am not a SUPER fan of any of the movies she has written about (maybe Dark Knight) and didn't even know there were such books, but ... enjoyed her "behind the scenes" revelations about this aspect of the FILM PACKAGE I was so unaware of. - Just as you did with the Jeremy Clyde interview (and others) you have this uncanny ability to get the people to reveal hitherto unknown stories that shed light on not only their career, but in a very real sense the HISTORY of the arts.

Jan. 20, 2022 by Glenn Christmas on Other

Dystopia Tonight With John Poveromo