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It’s a simple equation. If you take a well traveled stand-up comedian who loves to interact with his audience, put him in solitary confinement and shake well, he *must* find a way to reach that audience. Even if it means digging a tunnel, Shawshank style, out of his house through the internet to connect virtually with interesting people. Which is exactly what John Poveromo has done. Dystopia Tonight is John’s way of bringing social back to media.

Recent Podcast

Day 209 - A Post Imagine Dragons World with RETROFILE

Feb. 2, 2023

I really couldn't ask for better guests than the guys from Retrofile. Had some great conversations about the music and comedy industry and the joys and struggles of being an artist. Great guys and amazing music. Enjoy this …

Day 208 -Grabbing Joy Where You Can Find It with Leighann Lord

Feb. 1, 2023

Leighann Lord is one of the funniest comedians working today, and someone I’ve admired as a comic and a friend since we met when I was only a few years into my career in comedy.   We cover our mutual nerdiness for all things…

Day 207 - Crashing Both Parties with Jessica Burbank

Jan. 30, 2023

Jessica Burbank is more than just a rising social media personality in that she actually cares about the topics she covers. It's not just about going viral, but getting a message out in an effort to connect with people and m…

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John Poveromo


JOHN POVEROMO is a nationally touring comedian, cartoonist, writer, actor, and host of Dystopia Tonight with John Poveromo on TwitchTV, ApplePodcasts, Spotify and YouTube. John’s been seen on FXX’s Gotham Live, FoxTv’s “The Q”, VH1, MTV, written for Newsweek, and has a short film on Amazon Prime that he both co-wrote and starred in titled, “Duppet.” John’s been featured in the NY Times, as a “Young comic to watch,” detailed in The Asbury Park Press as, “Not your run-of-the-mill-standard-issue-garden-variety stand-up” and profiled in NJ Monthly Magazine and US Weekly Magazine as well as numerous other publications. John is a sought after guest for a variety of comedy, pop-culture, and political podcasts as well as a favorite and frequent guest on SiriusXM radio’s “Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang.”