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Day 17 - Bobby Costanzo

Bobby is a joy to speak to and one of the best character actors in the business! He talks to John about how he was one of handful of New York guys that moved out west to act, How Joey Pantoliano introduced him to his wife, comparing tough guys in the nei...


Day 16 - Rob Bartlett

Rob Bartlett. That's the description. What more does anyone need? He's done it all! Performing in an improv group with Eddie Murphy, touring all over the country doing stand-up, starring on Broadway with Daniel Radcliffe, Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, ...


Day 15 - Tommy Chong

The great Tommy Chong talks to John about loving house arrest, how he started as a musician working for Barry Gordy, knowing when he was going to marry his wife, being part of a comedy duo and an actor, his Mount Rushmore of smokers and how he’s “not rea...


Day 14 - Greg Gilmore

Greg talks about his first band in high school, the Punk scene in Seattle, why he couldn’t live in LA, the Dead Kennedy’s, living with Duff McKagan, his new album release from The Living,  and how he’s not a fart! Enjoy!


Day 13 - Camilla Cleese

Any time spent with a good friend, even when it's virtual, is time well spent. And if that friend is Camilla Cleese you just can't put a price on it. The hour goes by way too fast and the tangents are numerous and the stories about her time spent as ...


Day 12 - Frank Conniff

Frank and John catch each other up on the joys of being cat owners during quarantine, pandemic deniers, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Sirius Radio, what a fat piece of shit Chris Christie is, and how a snake oil salesman like Dr Oz got to host Jeopardy. ...


Day 11 - Dex Carvey

Dex Carvey talks to John about being an early Twitch pioneer, setting up and producing his Dad’s podcast, how covid caused some weight gain and how Weight Watchers helped him take it off, Standup, corporate gigs and they get into a bunch of fun conspirac...


Day 10 - Keith Roberts

Lead Singer of the Young Dubliners - Keith talks to John about how they got their name, band mates, performing the day before the world shut down, working with some of his favorite bands, Irish politics and his love for comedy. Enjoy!


Day 9 - Eric D’Alessandro

Eric talks to John about testing material on Instagram, building his fan base, moving to Austin, Texas and how social media is ruining our brains and of course, being Italian.


Day 8 - Allan Stephan

Allan talks to John about the “real” Comedy Store, wild nights on the road, his time with Sam Kinison, his lifelong comedy buddy Carl LaBove, writing and producing Arli$$, Roseanne, and doesn’t hold back on some of the comedy greats he loves and hate...


Day 7 - Bobby Slayton

The legendary Pitbull Of Comedy, Bobby Slayton is in hilarious and rare form all thanks to John giving him the wrong link for tonight’s show. John and Bobby talk about Standup, the road, levels of success, what makes someone a legend and how this is ...


Day 6 - Joe Travers

John and special co-host Brian Brodeur talk to Joe Travers about his life touring with Zappa, Duran Duran, The Motels, and his current position as the official Zappa Archivist.


Day 5 - Carl Gottlieb

John talks to Carl about his incredibly smooth transition into show business, his badass easy rider style motorcycle days, working with and befriending Steve Martin, The Smothers Brothers, Carl Reiner, Steven Spielberg and of course - JAWS!


Day 4 - Marlana Sheetz

Marlana joins John to talk about her band Milo Greene, her new EP “At Least I Tried” and her obsession with death. She also grills John on his lack of punctuality as they discuss their former days as kleptos.   *There's a point during the show that's bee...


Day 3 - Barry Dougherty

Author and Friar Historian Barry Dougherty joins John for a conversation about the history of the Friars club, and how he got started writing, and never before told stories from the infamous Friars Roasts


Day 2 - Frank Turner

British Punk Rocker / Singer / Song Writer and Sky Mall Enthusiast, Frank Turner talks to John about his thoughts on the pandemic, how he's spent his time creatively, his early beginnings, piano lessons, road gigs, his awkward cab ride in Asbury Park, to...

Day 1 - VelociPastor Interview with Director/Writer Brendan Steere and Actress Melissa Kempinksi

John interviews the writer and director of the cult hit VelociPastor ( and in his opinion one of the greatest movies of his generation) along with one of it's stars actress Melissa Kempinski!