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Linda Smith

Comedian / Writer

Linda Smith has been teaching and coaching comedy for over five years. She has taught hundreds of aspiring comedians as well as actors and celebrities, including the Today Show’s Ann Curry. She was born and raised in Cresskill, New Jersey, about 9 miles from the George Washington Bridge. After graduating from High School she moved to Boston Massachusetts to begin a career in stand-up comedy while always working towards returning to the New York area. Four years later she was back and working all the major clubs in New York City.

Linda went on to become a headliner at clubs and colleges across the country. She also appeared as a featured comedienne on numerous television programs including The Conan O’Brien Show, HBO’s Women of the Night, and countless programs on Comedy Central. Her more recent television appearances were Good Morning America Now, The Today Show and CW11 Morning News.

Eventually she made the transition into comedy writing for television. For 3 years she was a staff writer on the Emmy Award winning Rosie O’Donnell Show. After that she became a staff writer for the Caroline Rhea Show and then a freelance writer for HBO. All the while she was maintaining and honing her live stand-up act.

Currently in addition to working the clubs, Linda is teaching comedy writing and performance at Carolines School of Comedy and she has a private coaching business.


Day 109 - Linda Smith

Linda’s not only been with me from the very beginning of my career as a teacher but she’s also been there as a friend. It was a blast catching up with her and talking about her life and career and her love for comedy. Enjoy!   Linda Smith was born and ra...