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Day 136 - The Triumphant Return of John Romita Jr.

John Romita Jr. is back!! Just like he promised he would be, and on the heels of his upcoming run of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man! We talk about the cliff-hanger he left us with from the last episode, the new villain he’s excited to be drawing in ASM, his...


Day 117 - Tim Jacobus

Tim Jacobus’ art is probably the most well known in the world and a part of every child’s youth if not their nightmares. As the artist for the Goosebumps series there isn’t a piece of cover art that won’t be imbedded in our brains until the end of time. ...


Day 84 - David Firth

David Firth and I have a blast talking about the olden days of the internet, animation styles, comedy, political correctness, how Salad Fingers came to be, the genius of South Park, and trying to adjust to whatever current state of the pandemic we’re cur...


Day 27 - Steve Breen

When I was a kid I wanted to be two things when I grew up. A comedian and a cartoonist. For a very long time I thought cartooning was going to be my main focus and one of my inspirations in that field was Steve Breen. He was living in NJ at the time and ...


Day 21 - John Romita Jr

One of the best parts about doing these interviews is getting to meet people I've admired for years. The other is finding out they're incredibly humble and a blast to talk to. John's been my favorite comic book artist since I was a kid, and that's who I ...