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Day 106 - Omicron lands on Plymouth Rock. Dr. Heather M. Butts maps out the long road ahead. I run out of root beer.

We’re back from holiday hiatus and just in time for another covid variant and the 2 year covid pandemic anniversary with Dr. Heather M Butts to give us the full and accurate peer reviewed scoop on what’s really going on with the virus. This episode is pa...


Day 103 - Dr. Richard Firth

Had the pleasure of being on another podcast with Dr. Firth a few months back and after finally getting to read his book “A Human History of Emotion” having him on Dystopia was a must! Incredibly thoughtful and funny with an ability to communicate what h...

Science Health TikTok Star Author

Day 99 - Dr. Edward Hallowell

Dr. Edward Hallowell is an American psychiatrist, speaker, New York Times best-selling author and podcast host. He specializes in ADHD and is the founder of the Hallowell ADHD Centers. Hallowell is the author of 20 books, including the Distraction series...


Day 85 - Dr. Lawrence Krauss

Having Lawrence Krauss as a guest on Dystopia Tonight was perfect timing. We’ve been though a lot the last couple of years and the problems we had before are still staring us right in the face. However, his new book, The Physics of Climate Change, sheds ...

Comedy Science

Day 77 - Emily Mu

Emily Mu is a comedian and MIT PhD candidate in computer science as well as a world traveler based out of Boston MA. We had a blast with her on the show and cover her comedy career, type A personalities, world ending optimism, fake marriages, and the cre...


Day 72 - Dr. Susanna Harris

Susanna Harris is a science communicator and mental health advocate who earned her PhD in microbiology and immunology from Chapel Hill. More importantly she’s a great friend and conversationalist! We cover all the good stuff in this one from mental healt...


Day 55 - Heather Butts

Heather Butts is a good friend of the show, a public health lawyer and professor at Columbia University with a BA from Princeton university, an MPH from Harvard, a JD from Saint Johns University and an MA from Columbia University.   To sum up - she’s...