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Ryan Daversa

Singer / Musician

Ryan Daversa, bassist of AMH, has had music in his life since he was a baby, his parents having met in a recording studio. He encountered Metal Hawks at a school talent show when he was 14. When the opportunity came to audition for them, he hopped on it right away. He picked up bass 2 years later when he and his fellow bandmates, Johnny Barry and Alex Hertler, couldn’t find someone to fill that position, and he decided to do it himself as a bass-playing frontman. Once Adam took over singing duties, he shied away from his and began focusing more on bass. His biggest influences are Rush, Van Halen, and Led Zeppelin.


Day 36 - Adam And The Metal Hawks

Adam and The Metal Hawks, a band hailing from Long Island, NY are coming out of this pandemic swinging! These guys shot to viral fame, gaining MILLIONS of followers and views on TikTok and Instagram by putting out videos covering classic rock songs while...