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Alex Hertler


Alex Hertler, drummer of AMH, always showed a passion for music. When he was just 2, he banged on pots and pans every day after nursery school. He and his family later moved to Levittown, where he played drums with the school band, and needless to say, he was hooked. Before joining Metal Hawks in 2016, he played in numerous bands with music schools. He met future bandmate, Johnny Barry, at a music store they both took lessons at. Johnny would introduce him to Ryan Daversa, who he’d been playing with since 2014. The three of them have been playing together ever.


Day 36 - Adam And The Metal Hawks

Adam and The Metal Hawks, a band hailing from Long Island, NY are coming out of this pandemic swinging! These guys shot to viral fame, gaining MILLIONS of followers and views on TikTok and Instagram by putting out videos covering classic rock songs while...