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Shelley Fabares

Actor / Singer / Activist

Shelley Fabares, born as Michele Ann Marie Fabares, is a vibrant American actress, singer and activist who is known for her roles in the series ‘Coach’ (1989-1997) and ‘The Donna Reed Show’ (1958–1963). Her aunt Nanette Fabray was an established actress, and she inspired her to join showbiz. Beginning as a tap dancer and model, Shelley took up quite a few acting assignments in her teens. In the 1960s, she became the 'teen queen' with her role of Mary Stone in 'The Donna Reed Show'. After that, she acted in dozens of TV series and movies, and one of her best roles remains in the sitcom 'Coach'. She surprised her fans with her singing talent when she released the pop single 'Johnny Angel', which peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She released three music albums but admitted to having limited vocal talents and remained focussed on acting. Being a risk-averse person, she was never aggressive in seeking roles; therefore, she had several 'out-of-work' spells dotted throughout her successful career. She is an active board member of 'National Alzheimer's Association'. At the age of 56, she received a liver transplant and survived the life-threatening auto-immune hepatitis.

Music Actor

Day 159 - Shelley Fabares

Film and television legend Shelley Fabares joins us on Dystopia Tonight for a joyful conversation about life in show business, how she got started, the choice her mother gave her and her sister about acting, being shy as a child, the memories of her time...