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Mel Draisey

Mel Draisey is a multi instrumentalist who is currently working as a Music in Healthcare practitioner with Pulse Arts Cic. Music in Healthcare.

Currently she’s playing in Thank Pablo and Le Volume Courbe whilst writing and recording new material.

Over the past 10 years she has performed, written and recorded with a variety of bands......

The Clientele
Primal Scream
Peter Bjorn & John
The Ladybug Transistor
The Flowers of Hell
Le Volume Courbe
Noah Kelly
Caned & Able

Specialties: Multi - instrumentalist;
Violin (Classically trained grade 8)
Piano (Classically trained grade 8)
Organ / other keyboards (Prefer to play NORD Electro for live gigs)
Samples and looping

Day 198 - Mel Draisey

Mel Draisey joins us on Dystopia Tonight from across the pond to talk about her incredible career in music, her unique style of improvisational performing, entertaining folks in the hospital who are going through a wide range of afflictions, her time wit...