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Maria Comstock and Agent Buttercup

TikTok Star and Former Spy

Maria Comstock, 20, first started posting videos of her dad last year, kicking off the beginning of a series called ‘Asking a retired spy the questions we REALLY want to know’.

Her first ‘interview’ dates back to January last year, where she explained how he worked to decode Russian messages during the Cold War – more accurately, he was a Russian cryptologic linguist. After initially deflecting the questions, we’re now on part 28, and Maria’s followers can’t seem to get enough.

TikTok Star Spy

Day 112 - Maria Comstock and Agent Buttercup

Maria Comstock and her dad, a retired United States Spy, AKA “Agent Buttercup” blew our collective minds on this episode of Dystopia Tonight. After finding out her dad was a spy she started making the now wildly popular TikToks titled “Asking A Retired S...