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David Firth

Director / Animator / Artist

David Firth is an English animator, writer, musician, actor, voice actor, filmmaker, artist, and broadcaster best known for his work on his original, Adobe Flash-animated series Salad Fingers. The first episode of Salad Fingers was largely distributed on the Internet, especially on Newgrounds and his own personal websites.

Firth's videos are primarily revolved around Flash animation, but he also produced multiple music videos along with works of video art, which in the end made him gain recognition. His animation, sometimes surreal and experimental, primarily tends to contain dark humor, imagery, and topics of disturbing nature such as mental illness and depression. However, Firth has stated that upsetting or offending his audience is not one of his goals.

Firth has made multiple animated videos and a few animated series, like Jerry Jackson, Burnt Face Man, and most notably, Salad Fingers.

Day 84 - David Firth

Day 84 - David Firth

David Firth and I have a blast talking about the olden days of the internet, animation styles, comedy, political correctness, how Salad Fingers came to be, the genius of South Park, and trying to adjust to whatever current state of the pandemic we’re cur...