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David Champion

Musician / Singer / Songwriter

David Champion is one half of Champs; the other half being his brother Michael. Hailing from the Isle of Wight, their debut album Down Like Gold, released in 2014 was very well received. They admit that their inspiration behind their music is Simon and Garfunkel, which shows in their music. Their second album, Vamala is a collaboration of the writing skills of the two brothers.

Champs are a UK based band formed of two brothers, Michael and David Champion. Their first album, Down Like Gold, was released in 2014. Their second album, Vamala, was released in 2015. Their third album, The Hard Interchange, was released in September 2019. The album was created over a span of three years.


Day 18 - David Champion

David Champion joins John on the show to talk about touring with his brother as CHAMPS, some road stories, Ana De Armas and 3000 Miles, sibling comradery, guilty music pleasures, pandemic habits and the state of the world. If by the end of this episode a...