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Camilla Cleese

Comedian / Writer / Actress

Camilla Cleese is the daughter of John Cleese, the comedic legend who is best known for his work of Monty Python and Fawlty Towers, amongst many other movies and tv shows. Based in Los Angeles, Camilla has established herself as a highly successful comedian, writer and actor, who is dominating the stand-up comedy space and regularly performs at globally renowned comedy clubs including The Laugh Factory.

In recent years, Camilla has been working with her famous father, and together have been writing and performing in a number of tours, shows and projects. Camilla and John co-penned the musical film adaptation of the film ‘A Fish Called Wanda.’ Camilla also worked as a writer on the very first ‘Just for Laughs International Comedy Gala‘ at the Sydney Opera House.


Day 13 - Camilla Cleese

Any time spent with a good friend, even when it's virtual, is time well spent. And if that friend is Camilla Cleese you just can't put a price on it. The hour goes by way too fast and the tangents are numerous and the stories about her time spent as ...