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Alec Chambers, a 26-year-old singer songwriter from Connecticut, who seamlessly blends authentic vocals and tasteful rasp with bedroom instrumentation to create a signature sound that his dedicated and fast-growing audience knows and loves. Not only is he known for his ethereal renditions of popular music- such as his iconic performance of Halsey’s “Without Me”, which has garnered 41 million streams on Spotify and 25 million views on TikTok - he’s also widely acclaimed for the release of his highly anticipated original music. Alec’s most recent works, “Dark Can Be Beautiful” and “Blood On My Hands” further showcasing his versatility as a songwriter, vocalist, and musician.

Day 192 - Ed Sheeran’s A Dick w/ Alec Chambers

Alec Chambers joins us for a great conversation about his rising TikTok stardom, playing Family Feud live with his fans, and of course his rising new single “Ed Sheeran’s a Dick” which we get into in full detail as well as some deep talks about anxiety, ...