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Day 161 - Pick Withers

Pick Withers looks back with us on Dystopia Tonight to talk about his time spent in Italy that changed his life at 18, getting his first drum set, how his parents felt about him becoming a musician, the influence the Beatles had, his progression as a dru...


Day 160 - Ladyhawke

Had a pleasure hosting the amazing New Zealand singer-songwriter @Ladyhawke! She joined us on Dystopia Tonight to talk about her new album “Time Flies”, near death experiences on the road, lockdown activities, the secret lives of orchestra musicians, her...

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Day 159 - Shelley Fabares

Film and television legend Shelley Fabares joins us on Dystopia Tonight for a joyful conversation about life in show business, how she got started, the choice her mother gave her and her sister about acting, being shy as a child, the memories of her time...

Day 158 - Matt Nappo

Aside from being a fantastic podcast host Matt Napo has lead a wildly interesting life. He goes into it in full detail for us here as we discuss his childhood, a raid at the Disney magic shop he worked in, his Jack of all trades lifestyle that lead him i...

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Day 157 - Wil Wheaton - Nerd Riot!

Wil Wheaton is one of the most genuine human beings I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with. Incredibly thoughtful, funny, introspective and kind we take a deep dive into his life as a childhood actor, what lead him to his new book, “Still Just A Geek” tw...


Day 156 - Ken McGraw

Ken McGraw is not only a good friend but an actor, comedian, sketch comic, writer, and improviser, who had an incredible run with the off Broadway show “Toxic Masculinity the Musical.” Ken spent years studying Improv, sketch and characters at the Upright...


Day 155 - Bruce Vilanch

Nine times out of ten if there’s someone you love who is funny, Bruce Vilanch made them funnier. Bruce is a two time Emmy winning comedy writer, songwriter, and actor with a four-year stint on Hollywood Squares, as a celebrity participant and head writer...


Day 154 - Stewart Copeland - Remember Love!

Stewart Copeland is a talk show/podcast host’s dream. Especially when that host is newly recovering from Omicron. A natural story teller with a boundless engaging and joyful energy left me only wanting more time to talk to the legendary drummer and now 5...


Day 153 - Carol Decker

Lead singer of T’Pau Carol Decker joins us to talk about her trajectory into her career as a singer songwriter and musician which lead to international success, the eventual breakup of her band, her passion for music, influences, how she handled her crea...


Day 152 - Paul Provenza

I could honesty talk about comedy with Paul Provenza forever. He’s not just a student of it he’s an architect of the craft itself, and the appreciation of it as well as having an eye for it in the comedians he surrounds himself with and the ones that are...


Day 151 - Jonn Penney

Jonn Penney was a blast to talk to about everything from his creative process over the years, how it’s evolved during the pandemic, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, his new band SPAIRS, wanting to be an actor before a musician, raising his kids, homeschooling durin...


Day 150 - Chris Hadfield - ”Life is Common and Intelligent Life is Incredibly Rare”

Getting the opportunity to speak with an Astronaut is mind blowing in an of itself, but when that Astronaut is Col. Chris Hadfield, retired engineer, fighter pilot, and author who was the first Canadian to perform extravehicular activity in space, has fl...


Day 149 - Noel Hogan

Incredible chat with Noel Hogan, record producer, lead guitarist and co-songwriter of the Cranberries. We talk about the semi “Jestons” level future we’re living in, the trappings of social media and sell phone culture, remembering the people who were go...


Day 148 - Mike Binder

Mike Binder is literally decades of funny and comedy history packed into one person. He’s written, directed, and acted in hits like Reign Over Me with Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle and the Upside of Anger with Kevin Costner and Joan Allen, not to mention ...


Day 147 - Glen Phillips

It was an absolute pleasure getting to speak with Glen Phillips, lead singer and songwriter for Toad The Wet Sprocket. He joins us on Dystopia Tonight for a very enlightening conversation about life, music, art, the human spirit, getting through lockdown...


Day 146 - Michael Christopher

Michael Christopher is a voice actor and musician who joins us to talk about his career, a reset during Covid, his passion for music and voice acting, and one of our favorite topics - the supernatural! Enjoy!


Day 145 - Sean Rowe

Sean Rowe was an absolute blast to have on Dystopia Tonight. We talked about his latest album release, going on survival walks, the thing we will and won’t eat based on texture, his passion for music growing up, ditching a social media presence, his song...

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Day 144 - Billy West ”A More Successful Cat”

It was an honor hosting Billy West on Dystopia Tonight. So much of what he’s done has not only been apart of my childhood but all of our childhoods and to get to spend some time with the man behind the characters was a true joy. We talked the return of F...

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Day 143 - Gary Kroeger

Gary Kroeger came out of the gate running in this episode of Dystopia Tonight and we loved every minute of it! We talk progressive politics, democrats, republicans, and the rest of us caught in between, covid, his days on SNL, his passions growing up, wh...


Day 142 - Chris Difford

Good talk with Chris Difford on what inspired him through lockdown, his early days with Squeeze, his music writing process, being unabashedly British, producing new music and the chance to talk with other music legends on his podcast. Enjoy!


Day 141 - Ricky Byrd - You Live, You Die, and Every Once And A While You Get A Sandwich

There’s no question that Ricky Byrd’s had an amazing music career. Touring with Joan Jet and the Blackhearts and giving a hilarious induction speech at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to recount a few stories from this show, but if you had told me he had ...

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Day 140 - Lee Papa AKA The Rude Pundit

There’s nowhere to hide from the Rude Pundit! In the tradition of Abbie Hoffman, Bill Hicks, and Bill Maher, from the depths of the left side of the blogosphere, the Rude Pundit steps forth to defend the right to be liberal, to be sexually suspect, to be...


Day 139 - Al Pitrelli

Al Pitrelli returns and lays down some wisdom from his rock star rebel beginnings as a kid growing up in Long Island (which he stresses, birthed some of the best names in Rock and Roll) his time spent touring with Alice Cooper, Asia, Savatage, Joe Lynn T...

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Day 138 - Dave Thomas

Legendary Comedian, Actor, Writer and Author Dave Thomas joins us on Dystopia Tonight as we discuss the state of comedy today, our favorite talk show hosts, his time with SCTV, The New Show with Lorne Michaels, picking a fight with Johnny Carson over Bob...