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Dr. Richard Firth

PHD / Author / Historian

Dr Richard Firth-Godbehere, PHD, one of the world’s leading experts on disgust and emotions, is an independent researcher and consultant in the history, language, science and philosophy of emotions, and an honorary research fellow at the centre for the history of the emotions, queen mary university of london.

Richard received a first-class degree from the university of London, during which time he won two awards for academic excellence, alongside a masters (MPhil) from the university of Cambridge and a PhD from queen Mary, university of London, where he was a welcome trust scholar.
Richard is a confident, and occasionally funny, speaker, having twice performed at the Edinburgh fringe talking about the history of emotions as well as numerous other public appearances.

Richard’s important first book, a human history of emotions (also known as homo emoticus) will soon be published in over a dozen languages in countries ranging from Japan to the USA, from Australia to Brazil.


Day 103 - Dr. Richard Firth

Had the pleasure of being on another podcast with Dr. Firth a few months back and after finally getting to read his book “A Human History of Emotion” having him on Dystopia was a must! Incredibly thoughtful and funny with an ability to communicate what h...